Mark E. Pleasant is a retired Special Investigator with the Lake County, Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office who specialized throughout his law enforcement career in cases of crimes against children. Prior to becoming a sworn law enforcement officer, Mark was an investigator with the Division of Child Protection of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Cumulatively, he has nearly 27 years of public sector experience in dealing with cases of child death, child physical abuse, child sexual abuse and assault, child pornography, and child sexual exploitation that included computer facilitated online solicitation. Mark is a trained and experienced forensic interviewer of children, a skilled interviewer of witnesses and suspects of all ages, and a veteran of countless complex and highly sensitive investigations.

Mark has conducted numerous community, professional, and law enforcement trainings locally and throughout the State of Illinois. As a former member of the Lake County Sexual Assault Coordinating Council’s Law Enforcement Committee, he was among the developers, authors, and trainers associated with the Lake County law enforcement protocol for investigations.

During his law enforcement career Mark was also a member of the Lake County Juvenile Officer's Association; the Illinois Juvenile Officer's Association; the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force; the Lake County Child Abduction Response Team; the Lake County Cyber Crimes Task Force; and the High Technology Crime Investigation Association.

Mark has worked closely with prosecutors, private attorneys, and law enforcement and community professionals for years. As the result of his performance and professionalism, he has been the recipient of an array of commendations and awards during his public service career. Notably, among them were commendations from the Illinois Attorney General's Office; the Illinois Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force; the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; the 2011 Fred L. Foreman Criminal Justice Award; and the 2012 Illinois State Bar Association's Law Enforcement Award.

Although Mark’s primary area of law enforcement and other public sector practice involved crimes against children, arguably one of the most challenging areas of investigation, that training and experience prepared him to understand and meet a much wider range of professional needs in the private sector. Accordingly, Mark has been retained in cases of sexual assault (adult and child); theft; home invasion; aggravated battery; domestic battery; and homicide, as well as in cases involving other issues. Since Mark may be well-suited to meet your particular investigative, training, or consulting need, please feel free to contact him for further discussion and an honest assessment in that regard.

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